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Re: How to map an insert key?

According to Rainer Gutkas, on Sun, 03 Jul 2005 02:57:44
>Hi all!
>To edit in ViewYourMind it would be nice to have an insert
>key available, because this key is used to insert new
>entries and if you wanna write along with someone holding a
>seminar, or anything like that, the substituded rightclick
>on my maschine is quite a slow way. So my maschine is a G3
>2000 Powerbook Pismo. The keyboard doesn't have an insert
>key. But I thought there sure is a way to map another key,
>or better a key combination to, as insert key!
>Any sugesstions?
>Thanks a lot,

I'm quite sure you can do it with xmodmap (man xmodmap).

For a system-wide modification, you can modify you symbol
table. In your X11 symbol map  (in
/etc/X11/xkb/symbols/macintosh), you have entries of the
form : 

key <AE01> {[A,    B      ], [ C, D]};

The A, is the normal symbol, B , the symbol you get
with shift, C with alt, and D with shift+alt

You can use the Insert symbol anywhere... I think you also
have to set proper modifier keys. Just look at us_intl for


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