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Re: Re: PMSET was "Automatic power-on" or "pmacpow--would a .deb beworthwhile?"

Following up on a very old thread indeed ...

> Have any of the commands for setting startup times in pmset
> materialized?

Well, the good news: support for automatic power on aka scheduled boot has
been finally added to powerpc-utils.

The bad news: it will only work on CUDA based oldworld Powermacs. PMU
based machines will need something similar - I have no idea what PMU
commands to use there, and it's not in the kernel driver either.

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The real bad news: we could have had this a lot earlier. The code (adapted
from Takashi Oe's pmacpow by Keith Keller, posted to usenet in '02) had
been sitting in my home directory for ages.
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