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Re: Ibook on debian

On (26/07/05 15:29), Marco Guidetti wrote:
> i managed to get debian on the new ibook.
> finally i feel at home. :)
> (not yet checked if macosx's working, tho)
> the first  step was moving to unstable (eh), but here i find that i
> can't install a lot of thing i used to have on x86: kde or gnome are
> not usable, from what seems.
> am i doing something wrong or do i have to downgrade to testing to get
> things working? :)
Many people including me have been using KDE on powerpc sid (and Gnome
as well, I suspect).  Why do you say they are unusable?

It may be that something is pending transition to sid (xorg is replacing
xfree86) and holding you up.  In which case, you can either wait a few
days or find another solution which may involve installing the etch
version of Gnome or KDE until the dust settles.

I haven't updated my G4 recently (it's not my main workstation) but on
amd64, I updated to xorg a couple of days ago and all seems fine.  I
don't know about KDE/Gnome, I use xfce4.2.



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