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Re: Speed tips for 2001 iBook anyone?

On (28/07/05 14:22), Luke Miller wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed debian (alright ... ubuntu) on my flatmate's 2001
> iBook (128 mb memory). He says it runs slower than Mac OS 10.1 (which
> he was running). Does anyone have any tips for quick speed increases?
> I'd like to keep running gnome if that's possible. I think the ibook
> runs an ATI graphics card, could this be part of the problem?
> Any general tips would also be welcomed,

I believe that xfce4.2 is now available in Ubuntu.  It provides similar
functionality to KDE but is much lighter and faster.  I'm surprised you
say it's slower than OSX; like for like on a G4, I reckon that KDE
responds quicker than OSX here.  Any chance of adding more memory?  Is
the swap partition big enough?



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