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Re: Choosing filesystems for exchanging data among operating system

On Fri, 2005-07-01 at 19:38 +0200, sascha brossmann wrote:

> @albert: concerning UFS, all i ever heard was recommendations against
> using it unless being absolutely forced to because of some legacy
> software, so i never considered.

If you'd even consider using FAT, then UFS will do.
UFS is just about identical to ext2 in terms of
feature set and on-disk structure. Ext2 was designed
as a UFS clone with the VAX-era cruft removed.

The only question of interest: has anybody set up the
Linux UFS driver to handle MacOS X yet? The driver
needs to know the byte order and needs to know if some
features (32-bit UID, file type codes, etc.) may
legitimately be used.

Some old Mac apps might have a little trouble, but
hopefully that won't be too serious for $HOME usage.
For example, you get case sensitivity.

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