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Oldworld-Mac:Howto copy the kernel to an hfs partition during istallation?

Hi there!

Maybe I'm just to dumm to complete this task, because I know I did it once, but can't remember how.

The problem is that I try to set up Ubuntu-Warty as server OS on my G3 Powerbook Wallstreet, which is old-world. So I got the installation-kernel, but don't know how to get the kernel warty installed onto the hfs partition with bootx on it.

So my first attempt was to boot from an startup disk, which failed of the same cause.

My harddisk is hda, the hfs partition hda7 and the root partition hda9.

oh and from the partitioning program I saw that the startup-Partition of the startup disk is hda6.

So actually I don't know how to mount these devices during the setup progress using a shell.

mount -t hfs /dev/hda7 /mnt/macos

doesn't work.


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