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bootcdwrite (ppc supported?)

I installed on my system bootcd

# apt-get install bootcd

apt installed bootcd and bootcd-hppa

I tried to create my bootcd using bootcdwrite utility but if I define in
/etc/bootcd/bootcdwrite.conf ARCH=ppc I get

--- WARNING ---
ARCH="ppc" is not defined as "hppa|i386|ia64|auto". It will be treated
as "auto"

if I define ARCH=auto I get

You have defined ARCH=i386, but /usr/share/bootcd/bootcd-i386.lib is
not installed. Please apt-get bootcd-i386.

I can't install bootcd-i386, what this means?

Is bootcd package/ppc really usable, or it works only on x86 arch?

thanks in advance
Alessandro De Zorzi

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