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Re: therm_adt746x

Please cc me, I'am not subscribed to this list

Hi to all,

I am referring to this post

and specially to this passage:

<When you upload de the module (in the boot or by yourself), you can do:
< #modprobe therm_adt746x fan_speed=X limit_adjust=Y
< When X are not the rpm (the default is 82 stoped, runing slow is 128) and Y
<is the new temperature (this value is sum to the default, wich is 50º. If
<do =-10 it will  run at 40º and if you do =10 it will run at 60)

It simply doesn't work with me. I've read the whole thread my situation is
the same, but this last command doesn't work.
I make it working echoing the indicated value in the files located in


And in this case is everything's fine.
I've tried with differnts syntax (:, = or spaces before and after) but

So, does somenone have the same problem or it is just me?


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