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Re: [patch] adbmouse && synaptics

On Sat, Jul 30, 2005 at 07:38 AM, Bin Zhang wrote:

> I tested it following your instructions. It works on my ibook g4
> 1.2Ghz with debian_kernel_source_2.6.12 and xfree86-driver-synaptics
> package

> (but not very well, I think I should change some touchpad options.).

Yes, you have to play a lot with them.

> But the sleep does not work any more.

This is strange, what kind of error are you getting?
Are you using xfree or xorg? Have you tried using the patch and the
standard mouse driver in x?

> A question : The mouse drive works already fine for me. Which is the
> advantage using your patch ?

Well, i've written this patch to be able to control easily mouse
speed/acceleration and also to have the wheel on the right side of the
pad. If you want a list of features that synaptics drivers cat provide
go here: http://web.telia.com/~u89404340/touchpad/ .
Please note that some features are unavailable because apple synaptics
mouses do not send all the informations x86 do.


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