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Re: gui on 1 gig 7500? is it possible *newbie question*

Steven Gilbreath wrote:

is it possible to get a gui interface preferably KDE
running on a 7500 powermac with only 1 gig harddrive.
I have debian on it but am not sure what to do next. I
used taskselect ( i think thats what its called) but i
wanted 2 + gigs for a grafical desktop any suggestions

Steven Gilreath

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If you just wanted the gui would task select be the best way to go? I know when I used tasksel last, although that was on Woody, it wanted to install a bunch of extra packages too. Personally I would just use aptitude, (with root access) just type aptitude with no arguments, and go to the kde part and pick and choose.

--Mike S

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