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ALSA with gstreamer

Hi list, I had a question of using ALSA with gstreamer. I have switched to ubuntu, but this seems to be a kernel problem, not distribution based.

When I ran gnome 2.10.1 in debian I could not get sound to work in the 2.6.12 kernel with ALSA either, but OSS worked fine.

I installed ubuntu, and the 2.6.10-5 powerpc kernel that came with it, ALSA and OSS work. I upgrade to the 2.6.11-1 ubuntu kernel, ALSA no longer works. I compile my own 2.6.12 kernel with all the appropriate ALSA modules ofcourse, ALSA doesn't work. I recompile with OSS modules too and OSS works.

Is there a patch to the kernel source that someone can direct me to, or is this not a kernel problem, but a problem with gstreamer?

--Mike S

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