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Re: updates to hfsplus partition unavailable until remount

> On Jul 14 2005, Tommy Trussell wrote:
> > Here's a line from my fstab -- is there a mount option that would tell
> > the system to refresh occasionally?
> > /dev/hda9       /mac/os9        hfsplus defaults,user,ro        0       0

On 7/14/05, Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:
> I'm not sure if the hfsplus module respects the sync option (and
> even more unsure if the option has any effect on read-only filesystems).

I tried mounting with the sync option and couldn't see any difference,
though I found that if I umounted and mounted I could usually see the
updated files regardless of whether I mounted with the sync option.

And then I discovered that after a few mounts and umounts, even though
I was careful to specify "ro," mount started to complain about
filesystem errors on the hfsplus volume. Neither hpfsck nor apple's
Disk First Aid utility could repair the errors so I erased the volume
and am restoring the data (and will leave it alone for now)...

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