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Re: Debian as only OS on a PowerBook G3

On Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 01:06:04PM +0100, Martin Habets wrote:
> > Now the important: If I do a "dev /pci/mac-io/ata0/disk@0,0" followed by
> > an "words" I get NO words. So it do not wonder why boot ata0/disk@0,0:2
> > give an "can't OPEN".
> Yes, I think this means there's no disk there. Are you sure it's an ATA
> disk? I have a SCSI one and boot from scsi/sd. During installation did it
> use hda or sda?
> Try "devalias" and check for other disk with "words" like you did above.

The internal hard drive is definitely ATA. Apple hasn't shipped a laptop
with internal SCSI drives for a really long time. Any ppc based laptop
definitely has an ATA drive of some flavor, and a few of the 68k based
ones did, too.

Some of the PowerBook G3 models had a large number of ATA channels with
seemingly random bus numbering, so you may want to poke around as suggested.

	Brad Boyer

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