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Re: gui on 1 gig 7500? is it possible *newbie question*

> is it possible to get a gui interface preferably KDE
> running on a 7500 powermac with only 1 gig harddrive.

I haven't dealt with pre-G3 macs, but I've installed debian on an intel box 
with a 1GB hard drive and it is definitely possible.
You'll have to deal with individual packages instead of package sets (what 
tasksel calls "tasks").  It's generally safe to use apt, though; while it 
installs a batch of packages when you request one, it always installs a 
minimal set to satisfy the dependency for the package you request.

What I would do in your situation (if I didn't take the advice to not run KDE) 
Do the install, choosing to install the bare minimum number of packages.  
Also, go for as small as possible with regards to the swap partition.  If you 
can make it through the install without one, do so.
After the install completes, and you've booted into the minimal system,
do "apt-get kde-core" (you could replace kde-core with kdebase, but I think 
it'd only save a meg or two)
Create a swapfile.  It should probably be a minimum of 64 MB.  Make it bigger 
if you can spare the disk space.
Start XWindows and see how KDE runs.  Use top or free to see how much memory 
KDE is taking up and whether you need to increase the size of your swapfile.  
Install additional packages sparingly, as space allows.

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