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Re: Power management issue on G3 iBook

Francis J. Lacoste wrote:

> My experience is similar to yours. You were probably hit by the kernel 
> upgrade.
> I've found that I'm somewhat able to use power management with
> kernel 2.6.10 (2.6.11 freezes all the time and I've read on this list that 
> there are still problems with 2.6.12 on the G3). 

Hmm, thats odd. I've been running 2.6.11 for over a month,
but these new problems only hit me when I did an apt-get
upgrade just recently.

> There are also some gotchas for the sleep/resume to function:
> 1- Remove ALSA snd-powermac module before sleeping.
> 2- Shut down dbus-1 before sleeping.
> With that sleep/resume works most of the time. It does happen on occasion that 
> the resume fails and freezes after 'eth0: resuming'.

Yep, thats exactly what I get.

  Erik de Castro Lopo  nospam@mega-nerd.com (Yes it's valid)
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