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Re: New iBook

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 01:34:39PM +0200, Marco Guidetti wrote:
> Hey all, 
> i am new to the list and i just received my new iBook. :)

Hi, enjoy it!

> I am looking to install debian on it, but i'd like to repartition the
> Hard Disk having to delete old partitions, and without having to
> reinstall MacOS X.
> There are some free/open tools to do that?


First you have to disable journal from your hfs+ partition. You can do
it with Disk Utility on your Mac OS X. Search on google about it.

Then you can start installation with debian installer and when you're on
stage to setup your hard disk, go to console and use parted to modify
your partitions as you like.

victor piscue - http://piscue.withtheflow.net - http://piscue.com

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