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Re: problems on a 7500/100 powerpc

On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 05:59:03PM -0700, Steven Gilbreath wrote:
> i am trying to get debian running on a 7500 powerpc
> but the boot floppies can't find my Quantum Fireball 1
> gig hard drive. I am using the woody version. i can
> boot to macos on the hard drive. (actually disk tools
> floppies copied to the hard drive) I have a nearly
> identical 7500 only with a ibm drive that the floppies
> find however it has a full macos 8.1 on it that my
> kids use
> any help would be appreciated

Can you use sarge rather than woody?

If not, I vaguely remember having problems because the HD was on the
internal instead of the external SCSI bus (or maybe vice versa).  You
might try opening it up and moving the disk's ribbon cable connector
to the adjacent SCSI connector to see if that helps.

Eric Cooper             e c c @ c m u . e d u

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