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Turning off and hard lockup on older G3 iBook


I have a 700Mhz white iBook, and for a while now I've had reliability
problems, probably since around 2.6.11 days.

I'm running 2.6.13-rc2 from git a few days ago, and the latest
pbbuttons since I read about some problems with that.

Sometimes the laptop will just completely turn its self off, and when
it comes back the time is set to Jan 1, 1904.  This seems to happen
after a sleep resume cycle, but I can't really replicate it.

Other times the laptop will just lock up with no signs of life.  This
also seems to be after a sleep cycle, and both seem to happen plugged
into power or not.  Again I can't do anything specific to trigger it
(except be working on something that isn't yet saved :)

I haven't read about anyone else having these problems, am I the only


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