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Re: kernel install problems on ibook 2.2 with sarge

On Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 07:52:40PM +0100, mark de vries wrote:
> Hi -
> I hope someone here can tell me what might be wrong. 
> For several times already i have tried to install a new kernel after the
> original install of the 2.6 kernel with Sarge. Because i read that the
> pmu works with the 2.4 kernel i wanted to install that one. Because
> previously the installation of a self-compiled kernel has failed in the
> same way i went safe and just did 
> apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.27-power3-pmac

1) This is a 2.4.27 kernel, 2.4 kernels have been abandoned by upstream (read
benh :) on powerpc since about february 2004 (or was it 2003, well forever).
Please don't use them, but use the 2.6 kernels present in sarge or better even
sid (2.6.8 and 2.6.11).

2) you are trying to install a kernel for a IBM Power3 cpu on your ibook which
probably has either a IBM 750 Cxe or Fx cpu (aka G3) or a Motorola (now
Freescale) 7447 cpu (aka G4). All of those are 32bit cpus using the powerpc
flavour, while the Power3 is a 64bit cpu (predecessor of the Power4 which
fathered the 970, aka G5) used in IBM RS6K and pseries machines of a couple of
years ago.

  apt-get install kernel-image-2.6.8-powerpc

should do the right thing for you.


Sven Luther

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