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Re: TV-out with Mac Mini

Jack Ryan wrote:
did anybody succeeded in using the apple dvi->svideo
adapter under Linux? The best I got while playing with
the X11 modelines was a B&W distorded picture.
I already tried most of the modelines I could find on
the net.
I don't have MacOS installed so I cannot test but some
other people have the same problem as me but get it to
work under MacOS.

It is not just a matter of modelines. There also need to be some changes to the Radeon registers!

If I understand the situation correctly, TVout is undocumented by ATI and there is no stable thing to get TVout working. The GATOS project ( gatos.sourceforge.net ) seem to be closest to a working solution but I can only find patches tested for the Radeon 9200SE, not for the 9200 Mobility.

Since I do not own a SVideo adapter, I can not test the patches :-(


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