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Re: Choosing filesystems for exchanging data among operating system

sascha brossmann wrote:

on 7/1/05 7:48 PM, Albert Cahalan wrote:
Some old Mac apps might have a little trouble, but
hopefully that won't be too serious for $HOME usage.

what about resource forks and other peculiarities which are still to be
dealt with on the mac os side, even now (in spite of metadata being
quite a good thing, if it only was more cross-platform)? iirc, there
were some troubles with ufs. at least some time ago, i remember several
mac applications not working on ufs partitions. anybody with more recent

apart from that, thinking about having crus...^h^h^h^h fat invading my ~
gives me the creeps, anyway <shudder!> just external use under
unfortunate circumstances. and even then no admittance past the front
gate. ;)

a small dedicated server on a local network is propably a better
solution in many cases, anyway (as long as data transfer rates are not
mission critical). plus the benefit of making that abandoned old
hardware of yours feel proud and useful again... ;-)



OK, I am a little late in the game on this one, but I have had some experience with these file systems, and let me tell ya, before I used the latter kernels, it was hell. building the hfsplus modules into the kernel has always worked for me, I have read all the sob stories about it, and read the precautions, but still forged ahead and used it anyways. I have never had a problem with using the hfsplus partitions with linux, (Debian and Ubuntu) but it's not always like I transfer hundreds of megabytes between the two either.

About UFS, a friend of mine just wiped out his computer and reinstalled it about a month ago, and there were still enough programs that didn't work on his ufs formatted OSX, so many that he opted to rewipe and install on hfs+ instead. Whether that is also OS specific I don't know, as we are both still using Jaguar

As for resource forks, I have found that in what I do, I don't run into problems too often, but for the chance that I might, I just fire up MOL and binhex the file to be transferred

Although more often than not I would think that the external file server would be better in the longrun, and most likely less hassle.

Mike S

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