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Re: New iBook

heya folks, 
ok i managed to disable the journaling.
now i have downloaded the debian-31r0a-powerpc-netinst.iso and i am
about to burn it.
then, i will boot from the cd, and when the debian installer starts, i
will switch to a new tty (i wonder, how? shall i use ctrl-alt-fN?) and
i use parted to resize the hfs partition on /dev/hda.
( i guess i will know which one is the one to resize having a look
with mac-fdisk -l /dev/hda ? )

(is all of the above right?)

i read from the parted docs that the resize command's sintax is something like:

resize minornumber start end

now i wonder, 
since the partition already exists, and i know (i read somewhere) that
the debian partition must be the first on the disk), i will only
change the START point of the partition so to make place "before" the
apple partition?
and if yes, the old hfs partition will start off at the point where
the new debian partition ends? will parted move all my datas there?

sorry for my questions, 
(i am a newbie with debian on mac, never tried this before)

thanks in advance, 


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