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Powerbook 2005 bluetooth

I've corresponded with Johannes Berg a bit on this but I think he's as stumped 
as me. :-)

I have one of the latest (2005 1st quarter) revision powerbooks and the 
bluetooth mysteriously doesn't work or even get recognised as a bluetooth 
device by lsusb (weird, as  Johannes' does). I'm not sure if it's simply a 
different device to Johannes' or if my configuration is somehow not enabling 

I have tried with modules and with compiled in, I'm using modules now to 
facilitate loading usbcore with parameters.

Kernel, config at: http://dev.gentoo.org/~puggy/config.txt

Module                  Size  Used by
atp                     7300  0
rfcomm                 40156  0
usbhid                 41444  0
hci_usb                14056  0
hidp                   15136  0
l2cap                  23876  6 rfcomm,hidp
bluetooth              52360  6 rfcomm,hci_usb,hidp,l2cap
ohci_hcd               37028  0
ehci_hcd               49032  0
usbcore               133428  6 atp,usbhid,hci_usb,ohci_hcd,ehci_hcd

usbcore is laoded with the following parameters:
usbcore use_both_schemes=1 old_scheme_first=1

lsusb -vv, at http://dev.gentoo.org/~puggy/lsusb_vv.txt
bluez-libs/utils - 2.17

Any help would be appreciated and I'm more than willing to supply any 
additional information.


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