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Booting on an Adaptec 2940 SCSI -- OldWorld


I'm currently trying to boot a beige G3 from a freshly flashed Adaptec
2940UW SCSI adapter. The linux side works fine when booting from
another disk, but OF does seem to have some trouble, and just hangs
forever -- several hours -- once a boot command has been issued.

It *is* a mac version (2940UWPI), and has a nice path in OF:
/pci/ADPT,2940UW/disk@0:0. I tried to reflash the card in the exact same
machine with a 4.1 firmware, but still no luck...

Does anybody here ever booted an OldWorld mac using such an adapter ?
If so, anything particular to check, such as cables, termination etc. ?

Any suggestion is welcome



Simon Vallet
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