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Re: Ibook on debian

Marco Guidetti wrote:
i managed to get debian on the new ibook.
finally i feel at home. :)

(not yet checked if macosx's working, tho)

the first  step was moving to unstable (eh), but here i find that i
can't install a lot of thing i used to have on x86: kde or gnome are
not usable, from what seems.

am i doing something wrong or do i have to downgrade to testing to get
things working? :)

thanks in advance,

I would strongly recommend to use Ubuntu istead of Debian on the iBook. It saves you a lot of time getting things straight!

I had Debian running for a long time on my iBook and had all kinds of problems which required a lot of googling and hours to solve. Now with Ubuntu, (almost) everything works just fine.


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