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Howto Improve Performance?

Hi all!

I run Ubuntu Hoary on a G3 Powerbook Pismo with 400 MHz CPU ,630 MB Ram, 30 Gigs Harddisk, Orinocco Wlan Card,...... and I'd like to improve the performance of the system, as much as possible. I run a CPU - Meter and it shows that the CPU gets totaly busy when it's got to do lot's of Graphic operations, like displaying Apllication Windows, too many progress bar's, moving windows around, playing Flash, DVD's or movies. So I guess a faster window Manager than Gnome would be a good improvement, but which would suite my needs? I should mention that I like Gnome a lot, so there shouldn't be too much difference. I guess I could do a lot of kernel improvements, but also don't know which screw to flip where, so I get an optimized system. Also every other suggestion, how I could improve my system's overall performance are very welcome!!!

fn:Rainer Gutkas
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