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[no subject] Abiword 0.7.6-1 and libpng About lightflow license About NEW incoming package Adam Di Carlo's Rationale (was Re: FREEZE RESCHEDULED) Administrativa ... Admnistrativa and security Adopting libgd-perl, now using PNG instead of GIF Re: all xterms ALPHA *is* gonna hold us up (Re: FREEZE RESCHEDULED) ALSA [ They try to prove] Re: [ANNOUNCE] experiemental dpkg available Announcement: [ANNOUNCE]: Mini-Policy regarding PAM usage in Debian ANN: Remote package signing Re: Another small problem with OpenSSH Any debian developers in the Leeds area? Any strange mouse effects with XFree86-3.3.5 apt-get's choice of a dependent package apt-get upgrade just failed on potato apt sugestion Are you having trouble downloading my pine .debs? Re: ash/echo/POSIX/SUS ATTENTION: Debian machines that novare hosts going offline temporarily Re: Background images.. propaganda package? Bad face of linux BASH BUG Bash is a monstor (was: ITP: lukemftp) bc dependencies Bind, multiple vulnerabilities BIND update ? Borrowing boot disks broken kerberos in fetchmail (Re: equivalent of *BSD's 'make world' in debian?) BTS 'cripples' mail? BTS mirroring Re: Bug#49417: the new separated packages should conflict with old versions of netstd Re: Bug#49443: gdm: gdm fails to start session if using openssh Re: Bug#49758: errors during recent dist-upgrades Bug#49962: Debian FSS-upgrade process: man pages Bug#50494: general: More themes (gtk, gnome, various windowmanagers, etc) and more backgrounds Bug#50534: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages for Debian GNU/Linux Re: Bug#50872: Release-critical Bugreport for November 26, 1999 Bug in tar? (was Re: world writable /usr/lib/ Bugs in apache & libapache-mod-perl - can they be upgraded? BugSquash revisited? (was: Re: Status of Potato) Buildd Build-Depends (was: Re: Bug#50682: building dvi2ps, missing source dependency?) CAD for Linux? Call for comment (Re: Staged Freezes) Carpools and the Bazaar in NY/NY.. cdecl/c++decl: different version? Re: cdgrab namespace re: cd snapshots Checking new packages (Re: Status of Potato) Re: Code Freeze for Potato commands with non standard name configure options contact info? Converting users, slink, etc Corel Linux Corel Linux was released yesterday A couple of keys in kbd package could solve a ptys limitation. [ spice3] CUPS anyone ? Cyrus 1.5.19 packages available for testing Cyrus debianized? Dark side of linux (against) Re: Data does NOT belong in Debian (was: Stop Archive bloat) Re: debconf and ssh (or apt?) problem debconf and ssh problem debconf dependency problem. Debconf developer? Re: Debian archive requirements Debian at the bazaar? Debian for i586 Debian FreeBSD Debian GNU/FreeBSD debian-keyring? Re: Debian machine usage policy debian-test run as which user? Debian Weekly News - November 17th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - November 2nd, 1999 Debian Weekly News - November 30th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - November 9th, 1999 Dependence on libbfd devscripts-2.5.3 are broken diversion conflict with libcgi-perl and libcgi-pm-perl doc-linux-* maintainers Does anyone remember or have an old Xevil beta? dpkg/license related proposal dselect improvement -- step #1 dupload problem Dynamic user ID allocation policy question Re: emacs 20.4 equivalent of *BSD's 'make world' in debian? errors during recent dist-upgrades E: Sub-process dpkg-preconfig --apt returned an error code (100) ethernet hookup The last update was on 19:51 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2047 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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