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Re: equivalent of *BSD's 'make world' in debian?

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   Yes, I know..but this doesn't work so well for building large numbers of
> packages.  A really simple (and Evil[tm]) hack would be for apt to put an epoch
> in front of source-built packages.  A better one would be to add a status flag
> indicating that a package was built from source; apt-get upgrade would then
> download a new source package and build it instead of downloading a binary
> package, and would ignore md5sum mismatches between the local package and
> the ftp archive version.  This is probably a pie-in-the-sky idea, though.. :-/

	Actually, you'd probably want two different "built from source"
flags.  One for built from source automatically with apt-get -b, in which
it's okay for apt to automatically download newer versions and recompile
it, and one for debs hand-built from source in which you do NOT want it to
auto-compile new versions.  One of the common reason for building from
source is when you have specific needs and need to modify the default
compile options.  For example, I downloaded mesag3's source to compile a
version to use glide on my 3dfx card.  I certainly wouldn't want it to
automatically compile the next source version that comes along and be left
with software GL.

	Chris Pimlott

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