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Re: Debian archive requirements

On Thu, Nov  4, 1999 at 11:01:13 -0600 (+0000), Rob Browning wrote:
> John Lines <john@paladin.demon.co.uk> writes:
> For my part, I'd like to see us dump the fixed directory tree as our
> main repository altogether.  I think we should move the a keywords
> based scheme with one giant "hashed" directory tree (which fits in

Two points:

1) I don't want an "ls" over a modem to take 10mins to download so one giant
directory is a really bad idea.

2) How about using the first character. Here is a rough list of how many
packages this means per dir - x/ isn't half as bad as I expected, OTOH l/ is
pretty bad.

a:     150
b:     107
c:     207
d:     190
e:     105
f:     138
g:     310
h:      50
i:     132
j:      46
k:      66
l:     783
m:     174
n:     120
o:      46
p:     310
q:      27
r:      77
s:     263
t:     184
u:      44
v:      54
w:     132
x:     341
y:      18
z:      27

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