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Re: dpkg/license related proposal

On Mon, Nov 01, 1999 at 03:30:37PM -0500, Amy Fong wrote:
> Another point. If someone finds it VERY irritating to be presented
> with the license, then that's what we can use debconf for. By default,
> someone can just blindly agree to the license.

I don't think this properly addresses the problem you're trying to solve.

In a coorporate environment, you'll typically have someone setting up
desktops for other people to use.  If you just put licenses up at config
time you'd be targetting the wrong audience.

It would be better to think about some kind of clear presentation
of the license issues as a package in itself, or as a message in

Or perhaps a notice about the issue:


Debian software can be used, modified, or redistributed without fee.
However, if you're in the business of developing or selling software
you should be aware that some software has restrictions, including:

(*) some software only requires that the copyright notice be preserved
(*) some software requires that you distribute sources
(*) some software requires that you not restrict redistribution
(*) some software requires that modified versions be renamed
(*) some software has other restrictions which affect the details
    of further development or relicensing.

It's ok to resell official debian cd sets [or dvd] or operate a debian
mirror (please read the documentation on how to do this) without worrying
about individual licenses.



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