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Re: all xterms

> On Mon, Nov 01, 1999 at 09:45:25AM -0500, Brian Mays wrote:
> > (...) What happens to your script if xterm isn't installed and your
> > special environment variable isn't set? (...)

Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@beer.com> added:

> Exactly the same what will happen now when you will chose x terminal
> emulator from wmaker(by icon) or blackbox(by rightclick) without
> having xterm(1x) But simply setting variable saves you in such
> situation then.

The current situation is caused by the menu package running xterm
instead of x-terminal-emulator.  This is fixed by correcting this bug
in the menu package.  Your script, however, still does not work in our
hypothetical situation after the menu package has been fixed, unless the
environmental variable is set.


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