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Re: Debian machine usage policy

Wichert Akkerman - Debian project leader wrote:
> * Forged headers and / or Addresses
>           Forging headers or messages means sending mail such that its
>           origin appears to be another user or machine, or a
>           non-existent machine.
>           It is also forgery to arrange for any replies to the mail to
>           be sent to some other user or machine.
>           However, in either case, if prior permission has been
>           granted to you by the other user or the administrators of
>           the other machine, then there is no problem, and of course
>           "null" reverse paths can be used as defined in the relevant
>           RFCs.

I suspect that this .muttrc fragment violates the letter of the DMUP:

send-hook (debian) "my_hdr From: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>" 
send-hook !(debian) "my_hdr From: Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net>" 

I have this .muttrc propigated to all debian machines. This means that if I
send mail from one of those machines that does not contain "debian" in the
header, the mail will be "forged" to appear to be from a different machine.
This will also arrange for replies to it to go to another machine.

I think you need to loosen up your language about this.

see shy jo

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