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Re: commands with non standard name

Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp> writes:

> From: Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net>
> Subject: Re: commands with non standard name
> Date: 12 Nov 1999 09:14:11 +0100
> > > Perhaps it is very difficult to make every such applications
> > > to call xdvi as xdvi-ja, i.e. different name from the standard
> > > one.
> > 
> > Debian shouldn't place anything non-standard places. The Real Way to
> > do it is using alternatives.
> Sorry but I forgot to state an important condition, that is,
> not only it is called from another applications but also
> it is difficult to use alternatives or diversion.
> For example in case of xdvi/xdvi-ja, they already use alternatives
> for xaw-wrappers because they do not run under nextaw, so it might
> be very difficult to use alternatives (or diversion) once again.
> # And with my experience simple alternatives often messed up 
> # my system
> My main point is not to use non standard place but to use
> standard name for basic commands so if you have an concrete idea 
> please let me know.

And if you want both on the system?
Alternatives are the only solution.

May the Source be with you.

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