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Re: Any strange mouse effects with XFree86-3.3.5

> I often switch to console for several tasks where gpm is running of
> course.  After switching back to the X screen the mouse disappeared
> sometimes or showes very strange effects (like simulating right-clicks
> where I havn't done something of this kind).  The mouse cursor vanishes
> in this case.  After about twenty seconds moving the mouse around
> and clicking the buttons the curso reappears and all seems to work
> normally.
> I havn't changed anything on my /etc/X11/XF86Config file which was
> working with the previous version of the X11 files.  The mouse is
> a M$ IntelliMouse.
> Does somebody else observed this effect and are there any ideas to
> get rid of it?

I got this same effect using XFree86 3.3.2, XF86 Banshee driver and an
Artec mouse clone, with 3-button support (ClearDTR).
This mess can be because maybe you're using two distinct mouse drivers
that change mouse's status lines (gpm and X mouse driver). When you
change from console to X the gpm is closed and the X mouse driver
starts, and vice versa.
Pehaps you could use the gpm-wrapper feature (enabled in gpm's config
file) and set XFree86 to use it (/dev/gpmdata , if I am right). I did it
"once upon a long ago", and worked (some jumps).


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