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Re: Dynamic user ID allocation policy question

> 1) There were some patches for kernel to use 32bit uids.(no used only heard)
These patches are semi-evil, since ext2 uses 16-bit uids--
the patch uses "reserved bits" in ext2 to work.  Ugly...
Probably not suitable for a "production environment".
Although we used them for a while.  Don't know if there are
versions for recent kernels.

Ext3 (or most other fs for that matter) will be dandy...

> 2) If not, 1000-29999 should be a good range.
The point is really:  should policy be clarified/interpreted
to allow a "user management" package to do stuff in the
"dynamically allocated range"?

I think the answer is "yes":  policy doesn't dictate local
adminstrator actions, so if the policy has any meaning it
be interpreted as permitting this.

Afterall, adduser is just such a program.

> 3) Consider using hurd. It has much more liberal uids policy.
Like most things on the hurd, I think fancy permissions
etc is in the napkin phase.  cf (1).

- Dave

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