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Re: Bug#49443: gdm: gdm fails to start session if using openssh

Le Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 10:31:06AM +0000, Philip Armstrong écrivait:
> Package: gdm
> Version: 2.0-0.beta4
> Severity: important
> /usr/bin/ssh-agent: invalid option -- -
> ssh-agent version OpenSSH-1.2
> Usage: ssh-agent [-c | -s] [-k] [command {args...]]

Who said that openssh was 100% compatible with ssh-nonfree ? :-)

Anyway can you check (I don't have openssh yet) if changing the
end of /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome with this does correct your problem ?

[pseudo diff written by hand]

 if [ -n "$startssh" ]; then
-   exec $sshagent $gnomesession
+   exec $sshagent "$gnomesession"
   exec $gnomesession

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