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Re: cdgrab namespace

On Sat, Oct 30, 1999 at 05:50:17PM +0100, Adam Laurie wrote:
> cdgrab is still a supported product, and, in fact, we're just working on
> a new release, so I'd really rather you didn't!
> Sorry not to respond within your timescale, but I've been out of the
> office...
> cheers,
> Adam
> Robert Woodcock wrote:
> > 
> > Hello, for the last 8 months or so I've been cooking up a command-line based
> > frontend to cdparanoia/cdda2wav and lame/gogo/bladeenc/l3enc with CDDB and
> > ID3 tagging functionality. It's at http://packages.debian.org/cdgrab.
> > 
> > Today I stumbled across http://www.scn.rain.com/pub/cdrom/cdgrab.txt.
> > 
> > Anyway, I just wanted to check with you that reusing the name 'cdgrab' is
> > OK with you. It wasn't intentional, and I hope it won't cause you or any
> > of your existing cdgrab users any confusion.
> > 
> > Since the current Debian development branch (potato) will freeze in
> > 4 days, and after that things are pretty much set in stone, I'd appreciate
> > hearing any concerns you might have regarding this as soon as possible.
> > 
> > Thanks.
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> > Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
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> >         -- James Hetfield
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Hi people, I need to rename cdgrab, preferably before potato freeze (which
is now Nov 7, at least we hope) (No, there aren't any legal reasons behind
this as far as I can see - 'cdgrab' was never a trademark - I just don't
want to spread any ill-will.)

I'm leaning towards the easy juxtaposition fix - grabcd, that appears to be

In any case, the new package will Conflict:/Replace:/Provide: the old
cdgrab package, so people dist-upgrading will be unaffected, they'll just
have a new word to type.

So - does anyone have a really cool name?

Criteria I have:

* Must be short (=< 8 characters)
* Must not use the word 'rip' in it anywhere (too many negative

Oh yes, and:

* Preferably not some weird word like Athlon or Itanium, unless it sounds
  good :)
* Recursive acronyms always a plus
* Embedded latin owns

Please Cc: me at rcw@debian.org since I'm not currently subscribed to

The winner gets a big fat mention in the readme/changelog, or whatever else
they can make me do through jedi mind tricks.
Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
"Whoah! These are cool songs and they're all about murders!"
	-- James Hetfield

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