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Re: all xterms

> You are quite right about pager, but not about xterm.  Many xterms
> are by look-and-feel a part of xwm (Eterm, kterm etc.)  So if two
> users on a machine uses different xwms, they will probably want to use
> different xterms.  And they will use different xwms 3 times for each 4
> And forcing use a xwm-specific xterm wont be good cause there are some
> non-latin characters problems so one might want to use non-xwm-native
> xterm.

Curious ... and yet you don't propose that we have an XWINDOWMANAGER 
environment variable (with a corresponding sensible-x-window-manager 
script)?  Wouldn't that be convenient for naive users, who might want to 
run different X window managers?

Surely xterm is not the only program that has been forked and modified
to conform to various look-and-feel (Egad!  I hate that term) 
specifications.  Look at how many k-this and k-that programs that the KDE 
group has come out with.  Will we need an environment variable for each of 

Please answer me this: besides Debian's automated menu system, what else 
is popping up all of these xterms?  I can't think of the last time that an 
xterm window popped up on my screen without explicitly starting it myself.


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