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Re: all xterms

On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 12:16:11PM -0500, Daniel Burrows wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 06:00:49PM +0100, Tomasz Wegrzanowski was heard to say:
> > I meant nearly every path in this program is hard-coded. It doesnt actually
> > run xterm but a few other progs. Especially disgusting are /usr/bin/pgp and
> > /usr/bin/gpg because Ive compiled pgp locally and it still printed:
> > sh: /usr/bin/pgp: No such file or directory
> > This program is mutt. Its easy to correct but maintainer dostnt want to.
>   Maybe I'm about to expose my ignorance in public, but what is the following
> text from the mutt manual referring to if not a way to specify what programs to
> use?
>     [from the section "configuration commands"]
> ================================================================================
> ================================================================================
>   Or is this just inaccurate information?  (I suppose it could be, I didn't
> check mutt's source..)

You dont have to check the .c source. `configure' is a cause of problems.
It tries to find all these programs in actual system and throws their paths
into config.* files. Then it is compilled and they goes both into binary and
into /etc/Muttrc (commented out here). Mutt works ok with simply `pgp' but
it tries to run `/usr/bin/pgp'. You can override these settings both in
`/etc/Muttrc' and `~/.muttrc'. But I think configure should be changed to
not hardcode paths. But it is 150k sh-script. This is a little problem.
Ive sent a patch making pgp and gpg able to lie enywhere shell can find them
(in $PATH I mean) but it was ignored by maintainer who doesnt consider mutt's
way wrong one.

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