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Re: equivalent of *BSD's 'make world' in debian?

On 29 Nov 1999, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

> Also what happens if you have a local apt repository with all your
> selfbuild packages in it? Apt-get would get multiple entries for one
> package with the same version. Which one would it use? The first? The
> last? The most recent?

Since people keep insisting on doing this APT has some protection to make
this sane. Basically it goes like this:
  1) APT generates a checksum of key control field that typically gives 
     recompiles different values
  2) Versions with identical checksums are considered to be the same
  3) Versions with non-identical checksums are considered to be different
     and the new version is inserted *after* all previously read versions
     in the ordering
  4) Read order is /var/state/apt/lists/*, /var/lib/dpkg/status

The net effect is that self compiled versions that are not
indistinguisable to the version in the archive are considered to be older
and will be upgraded to the archive version. 

If you really did recompile your package for reasons other than library
incompatibility (Say you patched it) then you must put it on hold.


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