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Re: all xterms

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 11:07:33AM -0500, Brian Mays wrote:
> Well, if the system administrator finds this to be a consistent problem
> with his users, he always has the option to install his own wrapper
> script that will honor an XTERM environment variable.
> For what it's worth, most inexperienced users might care which editor he
> or she wants to use, but the overwhelming majority will not care about
> which pager is the default, much less the X terminal emulator that is
> running.  The exception, of course, is for systems on which there are
> many users who require a specific X terminal emulator to display special
> character sets.  But in those situations, the system administrator is
> well advised to make that the default for all users, since in most
> cases, all of the users will be need the same xterm replacement.  I
> cannot imagine many situations where one would encounter an environment
> in which there would be so many ignorant users, each insisting on a
> different X terminal emulator.

You are quite right about pager, but not about xterm.
Many xterms are by look-and-feel a part of xwm (Eterm, kterm etc.)
So if two users on a machine uses different xwms,
they will probably want to use different xterms.
And they will use different xwms 3 times for each 4
And forcing use a xwm-specific xterm wont be good cause there
are some non-latin characters problems so one might want to
use non-xwm-native xterm.

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