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Re: errors during recent dist-upgrades

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Torsten Landschoff wrote:

> I had a similar problem when installing potato (locally mirrored and a few 
> weeks behind) onto a new computer. I got a lot of errors from dpkg saying 
> "dependency problem prevent configuration of foo" because "foo depends on bar
> which is not configured yet".

Did any maintainer scripts fail before that point?
> I was sure it is a dpkg problem but realized it must be apt's fault - running 
> dpkg --configure -a worked like a charm and configured everything.

Well, that doesn't mean anything really. Dpkg could be incorrectly
ordering when given a list of things to do, or APT could have a problem or
it could be the above due to a missing depends

> It might be of interest that I installed about 300 packages. Maybe we are 
> hitting the limit for command line length here? I mean apt-get calling 
> dpkg --configure <pkgname>*200 
> might overflow the commandline I guess...

It does, but APT magically takes care of that by invoking dpkg multiple


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