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Re: ash/echo/POSIX/SUS

>>"Craig" == Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

 Craig> IMO, ash's primary usefulness is as a POSIX validation
 Craig> shell. the whole point of it is that it is a minimal, fast,
 Craig> posix sh with no bashisms or other -isms.

        Pardon me, then. I was under the delusion that ash was
 actually a useful shell, rather than being a glorified POSIX
 validation suite.

        I'll deprecate ash as a shell, in that case, and look for a
 real shell to use as a /bin/sh (bash makes me uneasy).

        Do we have a non-toy shell to use as /bin/sh replacement then?

        Also, ash should note it is not a /bin/sh replacement, since
 it shall gratuitously break systems that are not rigidly POSIX
 compliant, and should not be used on a non-experimental system.

        Actually, when ash cripples the built in echo, I shall
 probably file a rave bug to that effect on it.

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