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Re: equivalent of *BSD's 'make world' in debian?

Brent Verner <brent@linux1.org> writes:

> ok, i've been cheating... i installed freebsd (though i rarely 
> find cause to boot it). one thing i _really_ like about it is
> being able to do a 'make world', which retreives a current source
> tree and compiles it -- this is nice, because i like being able
> to compile the whole system with gcc optimizations, as opposed
> to using a binary compiled w/o aggressive optimization (call me
> stupid, it's ok). 
> is there any way to use debian's package system to do a from-
> source upgrade?

for i in <list of packages taken from thin air>; do
  apt-get source $i
  (cd $i; dpkg-buildpackage)
  dpkg -i $i

The problem is where to get the list of packages from and in the right 
order to meet dependencies. Also you might need additional packages
just during compilation or you have to build several versions of a
package with increasing library versions because of some strange
dependencies and some package must be installed in chunks.

Its a hard world. Have a look at the build daemons to see how to
automatically compile a source mirror.

> on the same note, is there some way of making a debian CD with
> pentium optimizations? i'd really like one of those to install
> my next boxen from.

Do you have a original Intel Pentium MMX? Otherwise you loose speed or 
gain nothing by pentium optimisation. Pentium Optimisation is futile.

May the Source be with you.

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