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Re: Dynamic user ID allocation policy question

Previously Zygo Blaxell wrote:
>      1000-29999:
>           Dynamically allocated user accounts. By default `adduser' will
>           choose UIDs and GIDs for user accounts in this range, though
>           `adduser.conf' may be used to modify this behavior.
> I think the phrase "dynamically allocated user accounts" describes exactly
> what the 'foo' package does.  Unfortunately, I don't think this is the
> intended meaning of this phrase as it appears in the Debian policy.

Your case is pretty unique, but this does seem to be the proper range to
use. What I would do in your case is divide this range in two sections,
one for normal users as created with adduser, and another for users that
are dynamically created using your system.

We can't set a complete policy for people on how to allocate UIDs and
GIDs since there are so many external factors we have no control over.
You should never use UIDs and GIDs below 1000 since a system might use
them, and this range should be big enough for all purposes. (I have yet
to see a system with than 28999 users..)


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