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Re: equivalent of *BSD's 'make world' in debian?

This would be so cool, it would be like making your own personalised
sub-distribution of debian.
If people had access to the source (even via the net) they could choose what
binaries they wanted on the cd, download, optimise them for there CPU
(pentium, K6, athlon, whatever) and burn them all on one CD.

One thing ive noticed about debian, is that its like an aging wine, it
improves with time. With other distros i always tended to mess up my system
and end up re-installing... but maybe thats just me.

Maybe you could backup the package configuration files that youve customised
for your environment into the new optimised binaries you build as well, so
if you install instead of using the package managers default configuration
you could use your own. (or you oculd have an option). This would make it
really easy to do a clean install

Would be cool indeed

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Subject: equivalent of *BSD's 'make world' in debian?

> ok, i've been cheating... i installed freebsd (though i rarely
> find cause to boot it). one thing i _really_ like about it is
> being able to do a 'make world', which retreives a current source
> tree and compiles it -- this is nice, because i like being able
> to compile the whole system with gcc optimizations, as opposed
> to using a binary compiled w/o aggressive optimization (call me
> stupid, it's ok).
> is there any way to use debian's package system to do a from-
> source upgrade?
> on the same note, is there some way of making a debian CD with
> pentium optimizations? i'd really like one of those to install
> my next boxen from.
> thanks
> brent
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