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Re: Dynamic user ID allocation policy question


> > 3) Consider using hurd. It has much more liberal uids policy.
> Like most things on the hurd, I think fancy permissions
> etc is in the napkin phase.  cf (1).

BTW, I've heard a lot about Hurd and would like to understand what is it
exatly. Can yoiu explain what is it. 
There's another thing you can explain me : the word "IIRC" It's used a lot
on this list but i can't understand the meaning. It's not debian-related,
neither linux-related, but I feel bad not understanding a word used on 50%
of the email on this list( not this one, but it's so used).

Thanks you very much for helping me :-)))

  DDDD   EEEEE  BBBB  II  AAAAA  NN   N       LL     II  NN   N  U   U  X  X
  DD  D  E__    B__B  II  A___A  N N  N       LL     II  N N  N  U   U   XX
  DD  D  E      B  B  II  A   A  N  N N       LL     II  N  N N  U   U   XX
  DDDD   EEEEE  BBBB  II  A   A  N   NN       LLLLL  II  N   NN  UUUUU  X  X

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