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[no subject] "Friends" relation diagram (almost solved) Re: [Feedback needed] "brcmsmac" wifi driver in testing (Solved) Re: Disabling GNOME loud beep at shutting down (Solved) Re: how to prevent kernel from (auto)loading a module? ..8 wee one-liners, was: ..move mail between laptops? Mail in "MH" folders, Claws style. ..move mail between laptops? Mail in "MH" folders, Claws style. ..OT: HW: where is the bios battery in Fujitsu Celsius H240 laptops? ..simple stupid X Q: touchpad 'n kbd works in console but not in X, fix hints? /dev/usb/lp0 disappeared after upgrade Re: /dev/usb/lp0 disappeared after upgrade - SOLVED /etc/kbd/remap /run pointing to /var/run instead of the opposite 2.6.39-amd64 lvm-based root: fails to boot 32bit vs 64bit 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset HECI Controller 6rd vs. interfaces(5) Educación Virtual Colombiana Re: OT: Camaleón Re: OT: Camaleón Automatikus:Végh István házon kívül van. (Visszaérkezés: 2011.08.01) John Jones III wants to connect with you on Yahoo! Re: OT: Camaleón Re: libreoffice在KDE 4.6下无法启动 TERHANGAT DIPASARAN, GUNA SAMBIL MENJANA PENDAPATAN... Trung Truc mời bạn kết nối Áruházat nyitok Önnek az Interneten openssh: sshd’s ForceCommand and ssh’s "–N Do not execute a remote command" Haибoлее pacпространенные oшибки в пpeзeнтации Закoнoпрект № 8217, принятый 7.07 Зaконoпрект № 8217, пpинятый 7.07 Повышениe эффeктивноcти в тоpгoвой тoчкe любoго типa, Отчeтнoсть за 1 полугoдие ¿ Te interesaría conocerme ? [ 7.129981] CPU0: Temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 74) [Feedback needed] "brcmsmac" wifi driver in testing Re: [not solved] VLC audio fails [OT] BIOS Power On by PS/2 Keyboard Re: [SOLVED] Getting 1280x1024 to work on my dual head system Re: [SOLVED] need help with Iceweasel. [SOLVED] Re: Can't run apps as root in KDE [SOLVED] Re: Virtually installing a virtual package? [solved] VLC audio fails [wheezy] KDE hangs on logout adding menu entries to lxpanel menu Address bar history of Iceweasel Was: Youtube flash not working[SOLVED ?] Affordable Web Designing, Development and SEO Services alternative to kaffeine? Re: Anyone got ZTE K3565-Z working with Debian? Anyone seen /lib/ Apt says it's okay to remove chromium, but I use it aptitude GUI shows strange messages ASUS u52 builtin microphone (alsa-driver-linuxant) Audio I/O Config Help Backup Software Bad owner for CLOSE_WAIT sockets with Xen kernel bash script fails in squeeze bebas kewangan Re: Best practices for current Chrome/Chromium and/or Firefox/Icewasel in squeeze? Best practices for current Chrome/Chromium and/or Firefox/Icewasel in squeeze? bind does not want to die (squeeze) BoF? broken dpkg status Bug-free software (was: Looking for an alternative to mysql) Re: C compiler cannot create executables no good google answers Can not startx anymore after the laptop was forced to turn off Can't get XVideo to work on squeeze Can't run apps as root in KDE Re: Can't smoothly type in gnome-terminal can't suspend in linux-image-3.0.0-1 Re: cannot go back from nouveau to nv Cannot mount floppies in Squeeze capslock/numlock keys behavior sometimes reversed CE: hpet increasing min_delta_ns to 15000 nsec Change Iceweasel identification Re: Change Iceweasel identification SOLVED CIFS module bug? Re: clamav 0.97.1 not coming to squeeze-updates ? cloning a lvm crypto volume to a bigger disk Re: Complex IPv6 setup Complex IPv6 setup (was: Does IPv6 preclude use of a NAT gateway?) Computer Freezes - how to find out what happened? Computer instability under Debian Stable Re: console screen contents of huge kernel log Re: Copying a bootable CD creating a preseed file Cross-compile from Sid (32 bit) to Darwin (Mac OS/X)? cryptdisks runlevel configuration for lvm2 + encrypted swap file Daisy/MP3 player Debian 5.0.5 Binaries 1 throuh 5 Re: Debian 6 causes my SunFire T2000 system to not boot Debian 6.x NIC Bonding Re: Debian 7 'Wheezy' to introduce multiarch support Debian base system snapshot available? Debian changes active partition? Debian Lenny / Twitux 0.61 / Login Debian mp3 Cds Debian on Acer Aspire 5745PG? Debian on x86. Debian package building for single files or virtual packages? Debian Policy questions debian sensible browser help Re: debian sensible browser help SOLVED Debian Squeeze got frozen The last update was on 20:16 GMT Sun Sep 17. There are 2525 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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