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Re: Debian changes active partition?

On Vi, 08 iul 11, 08:55:08, nikhil jain wrote:
> I think I know why it made my system unbootable. grub wasn't
> installed to the correct partition. Not my mistake, how am I
> supposed to know the drive letter of a non-existing partition ?

> Just one question: in the installer , when I choose install MBR on
> partition it doesn't show me a list of partitions (WHY GOD WHY?) ,
> instead one has to type the /dev/sdaX of the partition. How can I
> know the /dev/sdaX address of the / partition of debian?

It would make a good whishlist bug to ask for a list of 
drives/partitions/labels to be shown. As a workaround switch to one of 
the consoles (Ctrl-Alt-F2), press Enter to activate it and run 'blkid'.

Hope this helps,
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