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Re: console screen


Where did you find any info about this PAYLOAD_LINUX option? I have been
googling all morning to find a decent (debian) grub2 manual that lists all
the options?

I found it on the Arch wiki a *very*long* time ago.

"info grub" lists these variables in one of its sections (there's a
way of going straight to that section but I don't know it).

Ok, just found I made a basic error in thinking everyone would call the old version GRUB and the new one GRUB2. But.... not so the guys who are developing it. ;-)

They seem to call the old one GRUB legacy and the new one just GRUB. That means the documentation at http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html, which I have been disregarding as outdated, seems to be current. Of course it does not help that we call the new version GRUB2 and the documentation is for GRUB v1.99, which also led me to believe it was for the previous version. ;-)

So, today I had to set up a new (VMware virtual...) system using Debian Squeeze (amd64) and added the
   # For the console
lines to the /etc/default/grub file ans ran
# update-grub.
The grub menu showed up in the proper resolution but..... now the server seems to hang. With the power button I can shut down the system and boot it once more. but as soon as I chone one the two options available the console will start with the first few lines up to loading initil ramdisk. After that the screen goes black and nothing seems to happen. When pinging the network interface from a different machine I get no answer. :-(

After editing the grub startup by removing the payload line I was able to boot and could then remove the payload line from the /etc/default/grub file. Oh yeah, and of cource do not forget update-grub to make it stick. :-)


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